Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mother of Octuplets receive $165K in Disability Payments

As everyone has suspected she had to be on the dole some how. This single mother of now 14, has apparently no income and no father for her children. Needless to say she will need help with her healthy 8 new babies plus her other six children ages 2-7. Her parents are divorced and her father says that he will return to Iraq to work to support his daughter and her 14 kids. Her mother say that she will help as much as possible, which will probably be a lot since she lives with her in a small two bedroom house that she purchased for her daughter.

Nadya Suleman is currently working on getting reality tv show or some other financial deal. And I don't blame her. You know how many thousands of dollars it will cost just to diaper these babies.

She is getting a lot of negative press on the internet and rightly so, no one wants to encourage single women to have multiple babies just for financial again, which it appears she is doing. Although we do not know for sure.

Everyone is suspicious about how she convinced a doctor to put 8 embryos in her and who paid for the invitro fertilization? Not to mention the fact that she has no father for the kids. I guess she does not know how that hurts kids.

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