Monday, February 16, 2009

Octuplets Have Been Named

Finally we have learned the names of the new octuplets. Their names are: Josiah, Noah, Isaiah, Jonah, Jeremiah, McCai, Maliah, and Nariah. The mother, Nadya Suleman, claims that they are all bible names, but the founder of, Jennifer Moss claims that three of the names are not biblical.

McCai, Maliah and Nariah are not from the bible. Maliah sounds presidential to me if you know what I mean. Obviously she named that one after the presidents daughter. McCai, means son of Cai, whoever that is. May be the father. Of course we may never know who the father is, along with the poor 14 kids who will never know their father. Doesn't she know how important it is to have a father for your children.

This women is obviously deranged, so everyone should help her out with these kids, because they will soon become members of our society. Do not give her money or a reality TV show, not after what she has done to these kids.

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