Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How to Make Your Own Solar Panel at Home

How to Make Your Own Solar Panel at Home

If you would like to save money on your energy bills, it would be great if you knew how to make your own solar panel at home. Solar power is becoming increasingly popular as the cost of energy increases. Everyone has access to the sun, so why not get your energy from the biggest energy source around.

Buy a Solar Panel Kit
Buy a solar panel kit at your local do it yourself hardware store. The best way to build a solar panel is with a kit. Kits range in price depending on the size and use of the solar panel.
It is possible to do it yourself without a kit, but it is much more costly and time consuming. Not to mention, your level of ability and knowledge about solar panels would need to be much higher to build your own solar panel from scratch.

Buy a Solar Panel Kit
Buy a solar panel kit at your local do it yourself hardware store. The best way to build a solar panel is with a kit. Kits range in price depending on the size and use of the solar panel.
It is possible to do it yourself without a kit, but it is much more costly and time consuming. Not to mention, your level of ability and knowledge about solar panels would need to be much higher to build your own solar panel from scratch.
Look below in the Resources section if you need more information on building solar panels to save energy and make your home green.

Build The Solar Panel
Read the instructions thoroughly before attempting to build the solar panel. Make sure you have all of the tools, parts and accessories required to finish the project.
Follow the instructions carefully because you do not want a problem once this piece of equipment is installed, it is difficult to repair and remove.
Test it thoroughly once you are finished building it.
You can also hire someone to put the kit together for you or ask for help from family and friends. They will be so intrigued about learning how to build a solar panel, that they will gladly accept.

Knowing to how to make your own solar panel at home will help your family save money on heating and energy costs.

Install the Solar Panel
Install the solar panel in the location where it will receive the most sun. This may be on the roof of your home or it may be in another location near your home.

If you are uncomfortable installing the solar panel yourself, you can always hire someone to help you install it. You will still save a lot of money from the traditional cost of purchasing and installing solar panels.

Knowing how to make your own solar panel at home will help you to save money on your home energy bills.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

How To Avoid PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance)

Do you need to know how to avoid PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance)? If you are purchasing a home and unable to put down a down payment of 20% of the purchase price the lender will most likely require that you carry PMI or Private Mortgage Insurance. The problem with this kind of insurance is that it is very expensive. Private Mortgage Insurance is usually $300-$500 per month or more. This is a huge expense for the home buyer. Are you ready to learn how to avoid PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance)?

To avoid PMI you need to put down 20% of the purchase price of the home. This can be done by one of the following:

GIFT - If you have a friend or family member that can give you the amount you need to get a full 20% down payment you can receive a gift. They will have to write a letter to the mortgage lender for your home loan to tell them that the amount of money given is a gift and that you do not need to repay it. Of course, if you want to repay it or are required to repay it by the gift giver, that is another story.

SECOND MORTGAGE - You can try to get a second mortgage loan at the same time as your first mortgage loan. Many times a mortgage broker can find a lender to give you enough to have a 20% down payment. You will then have a second small home loan that you will need to pay and the interest rate on that loan will sometimes be more than the interest rate on your primary mortgage loan.

ACCEPT PMI - If you want to accept the PMI with the knowledge that you will only need to pay it for a short period of time and then you will refinance your loan, you can do it. You will need to make sure that you do not have a pre payment penalty with your lender.

This is how to avoid PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance).

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

How To Get Out of (PMI) Private Mortgage Insurance

How To Get Out of PMI Private Mortgage Insurance

If you bought a home and did not put down 20% you may be paying private mortgage insurance (PMI) each month. Private mortgage insurance can sometimes run as high as $300-$500 per month. That is a lot of extra money to pay for virtually no reason.

If you have found yourself in the situation, the best thing to do is refinance. You will need to check with your current lender to find out if you have a pre-payment penalty. A pre-payment penalty is a fee that you will have to pay if you pay off your mortgage loan early. Sometimes there is a pre-payment for just a few years at the beginning of your loan.

If you have a pre-payment penalty you may want to wait until the penalty time frame is over. If you do not have one, you will want to refinance as soon as your house appraisers for the amount you need.

Your house will need to appraise high enough so that your loan is only 80% of the value or less. When you think it will appraise for that amount, call an appraiser. Make sure you use a qualified appraiser. You may want to contact a lender first and they can help you find an appraiser, they may even pay for the appraisal for you.

The most credible lenders are the ones that you already work with such as your bank. Contact a lender today to see if you can get out of (PMI) private mortgage insurance.

How to Get Free Listings Online For Homes For Sale In Florida

How to Get Free Listings Online For Homes For Sale In Florida

NORTHERN FLORIDA/PANHANDLE - Northern Florida and the panhandle is a wonderful area to raise a family. Families love the gentle beaches, choice of top notch universities and fabulous schools. The weather is mild all year long because this is Florida after all. Florida's capital, Tallahassee is in the northern part of Florida. For those interested in localized real estate information and homes for sale in northern Florida go to UniquePanhandleProperties.com or BeachesByJeff.com.

EASTERN FLORIDA - Eastern Florida is very popular because it is the home of Orlando. Orlando has many famous theme parks such as Disneyworld and the Epcot Center. This is a vacation lovers dream and residents love it to. The ocean is nearby as well as the finest dining available. Miami, Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale are also located in Eastern Florida. If you are interested in this area try: LiveByTheSea.com or BocaAgency.com.

WESTERN FLORIDA - Western Florida located on the Gulf of Mexico is a beautiful area for families. Excellent schools, plenty of jobs, and filled with entertainment, this side of Florida is perfect for everyone. Towns such as Sarasota, Bradenton and Tampa are all in this area. For local real estate listings go to: JoanPSarros.com or SarasotaHomeFinderService.com.

SOUTHERN FLORIDA - Southern Florida is a vacationers paradise, with a well know string of islands called The Florida Keys. You would be lucky to live in this area it is absolutely gorgeous. For homes for sale in this area try: RemaxSouthern.com.

ALL OF FLORIDA - For those of you that know you want to live in Florida, but you just cannot decide where, try FloridaStateInfo.com or FloridaReal-Estate.net.

Now you know how to Get Free Listings Online For Homes For Sale in Florida.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Willie Nelson Music Tour This Summer With Bob Dylan and John Cougar Mellencamp

Willie Nelson Music Tour This Summer With Bob Dyland and John Cougar Mellencamp

Don't miss one of the best music tours this summer with Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan and John Cougar Mellencamp. They are touring baseball stadiums around the continental U.S. this summer. This should be an incredible tour with some of the finest musicians that America has to offer.

I am a huge fan of all three of these music giants and it will be so incredible to see them on stage together. They have not released the exact tour dates or locations so keep your ears open. Hopefully they will be coming to California, because I do not want to travel far to see this trio.

I have seen all three separately, but it does not compare to having all three on the stage together in the summer of 2009, don't miss, the Willie Nelson Music Tour This Summer With Bob Dyland and John Cougar Mellencamp.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Now The Truth Comes Out About Gloria Allread and Octumom

Now The Truth Comes Out About Gloria Allred and Octumom

Now we know why Nadya Suleman called the police on Gloria Allred and fired Angels in Waiting. Before Nadya had even agreed to have them come in their home in February, Gloria Allred had filed a complaint with the department of social services against Nadya Suleman. She had no basis for the complaint, she just wanted Nadya Suleman investigated to see if she was having problems. This kind of probing is not usually done by social services and I am sure that they ignored the complaint.

How awful of Gloria Allred to do such a thing. I cannot believe that Nadya Suleman agreed to have them in her home knowing that Gloria Allred did that and that Gloria represented Angels in Waiting.

Why does Gloria Allred need to be involved? Because she inserted herself. She does not need to be involved and if she had not been involved this would not have happened this way.

Go chase a different ambulance Gloria! You give attorneys a bad name.

Monday, March 23, 2009

What is Nadya Suleman Trying to Hide?

Nadya Suleman has fired the community agency Angel's of Mercy who had offered her 12 assistants to help her with her kids. The assistance was valued at $135,000 per month. I knew when I first heard about this assistance that Nadya would not like it. She does not want that many witnesses to whatever goes on in that household. Nadya claims that she wants to hire her own nannies. How would she do that? How would she pay for her own nannies?

Now she risks losing her kids to social services because she cannot take care of them. I do not agree that social services should take away her kids, but I am sure they will try.

Who in their right mind would deny this awesome help. I think that could be the problem, may be she is not in her right mind.

Dr. Phil, Nadya needs you again, please help her before she causes more trouble for herself and her children.

Kahului, Maui, Hawaii

Kahului, Maui, Hawaii

Kahului is located on the northern side of the island of Maui in the island chain of Hawaii. There are no active volcanoes on this island although people say that Haleakela could come back one more time and explode again. I don't know, but I do know that this is one of the most beautiful islands in the chain. There is an airport on this island so you can get to it easily. There are many nice places to stay, although Kahului is great, you may want to stay in the more trendy, Lahaina which is on the southwest side of the island.

Hilo, Hawaii

Hilo, Hawaii

Hilo, Hawaii is located on the eastern side of the Big Island of Hawaii. It is best known for being the tsunami capitol of the world although with their new notification system they seem to be doing better at controlling the damage. Hilo is not located near any active volcanoes, but you can drive about 2 hours to see one if you wish. It rains a lot in Hilo so do not expect your entire visit to be sunny. Your visit will be humid and hot but mostly cloudy. It is about 80 degrees year round. There is an airport here which is nice.

Kihei, Maui, Hawaii

Kihei, Maui, Hawaii

Kihei is located on the southern part of the island of Maui. It is very beautiful and becoming more and more popular. The beaches are great and I have noticed that they are not very crowded. It is best to avoid traveling here during the winter because that is the busiest time. It is very hot and humid and most likely over cast and cloudy. It rains throughout the year so you may run into rain also. You will love your trip to Kihei, but you will also appreciate home because the humidity here is strangling. Don't forget to check out Hana on the eastern side.

Pearl City, Oahu, Hawaii

Pearl City, Oahu, Hawaii

Pearl City, Hawaii is so beautiful, plus there are many local attractions and historic landmarks in a small area so it is easy to visit everything that you want to do. There are beaches nearby and lots of fun things to do, such as parasailing, deep sea fishing, horseback riding, visit botanical gardens and other fun adventures. You will want to visit Pearl City at least once so that you can take in all of the history of the area. Great place to go whale watching in the winter and snorkeling all year long. I recommend this destination for everyone of all ages.

Oakland, California

Oakland, California

Oakland, California may have some what of a bad reputation, but I grew up in this area and it is not true. There are some bad sections of Oakland such as East 14th Street, but there are also a lot of very nice, high end areas such as the Oakland Hills. There are also a lot of excellent restaurants and plenty of fun things to do. The Oakland Zoo is a great place to take kids because it is small enough to walk around and see the animals fairly close. I was surprised the last time I was there because the same monkeys that I saw thirty years ago as a child are still there.

Fresno, California

Fresno, California

Fresno, California is one of my least favorite cities in California, however, I do admit that it has been improving itself over the years. It is a very affordable place to raise a family. I think the crime rate is kind of high and there is not very much for a tourist to do so you don't need to go there unless you are visiting family or just driving through. They do have their own college, Fresno State. Highway 5 runs through here and it is very ugly. There are a lot of accidents on this strip of highway due to the fog in the area.

Alameda, California

Alameda, California

Alameda is a cute little town on the San Francisco Bay. It is directly on the water with many lovely little restaurants and more antique shops than you can count. It is a wonderful place to live because it is kind of isolated yet just a hop, skip and a jump from Oakland. You must take a bridge to get here, because it is technically an island. The homes are all older but mostly refurbished. You will love the unique architecture of the area. Lovely place to take a stroll in the evening. Close to Oakland and San Francisco Bay.

Martinez, California

Martinez, California

This is a lovely little town in the East Bay Area outside of San Francisco. It is on the delta and you can fish from this location. This is the town that I bought my first home in. It was a 700 square foot Spanish Style home built in 1929. I wish I still owned it today. It tripled in value five years after I sold it. The area is packed with antique shops and wonderful restuarants. There is also a county court house, county jail and country recorders office. The charm is just oozing from this quaint small town. Home of the Albatross Restaurant.

Fourth Police Officer Dies in Oakland Shootout

Fourth Police Officer Dies in Oakland Shootout

This tragedy that could have been prevent, just seems to get worse. We now have word that the fourth police officer wounded in the Oakland shootout has died. The gunman was a parolee that should not have been paroled.

Being a police officer is tough enough but to be one in the city of Oakland, California is very difficult and dangerous. The crime rate is very high. There is a very high black population in the city. Many blacks claim that they have been abused by the police.

In neighboring cities where the crime rate is lower, the citizens do not claim abuse by the police. I am just stating the facts. People need to take responsibility for their actions. Parents need to parent their children, fathers need to be fathers and police need to do the right thing to keep our citizens safe. If these things were happening more often in Oakland, California the crime and violence would be less.

Calculate Non Taxable Mortgage Interest For California Residents

Taxable Mortgage Interest For California Residents

Many residents of California are concerned that they may not be able to write off their mortgage interest. This is simply not true. You can write off your mortgage interest on your taxes, but excessive mortgage amounts will send a red flag to the IRS.

The tax code allows Californians to calculate the allowable write off by adding the original price of their home, plus the dollar amount of any improvements (actual amounts spent on improvements) and $100,000. Once these three items are added up they cannot be more than the homeowner owes on the property.

Any amount over the calculated amount cannot be written off on your taxes.


$150,000 Original Price of Home
$ 30,000 New kitchen

Current loan amount $250,000 - Amount is less than allowed so you are within your limits.

Current loan amount $350,000 - Amount is more than allowed so you are not able to deduct mortgage interest on the $70,000 over the calculated amount, plus the IRS may audit you.

Octomom Nadya Suleman May Not Be Able To Go Back To School

Nadya Suleman May Not Be Able To Go Back To School

Nadya Suleman has claimed from day one that she intended to go back to school and have friends and family take care of her fourteen children. She claimed that she needed to go back to school so that she could get a job to support her children.

Then Dr. Phil stepped in. He has helped Nadya to change her public image. She now has many more supporters including a group that will send 12 caretakers per shift to help Nadya with her children. Nadya is not exactly happy with having 12 people watching over her every move each day, but she really has no other choice. Also, she will need to be there doing her share. I am sure that this large group will leak out information to the press as to what goes on in the house. Nadya does not want to be under the microscope, no one does, but she must take the help or she could face losing her children.

Social services is already breathing down her neck. Although it is completely wrong for them to take these kids away, they will scrutinize her in every way they can. Thanks to Dr. Phil, Nadya now has a home to take her children too and a large group of people helping her.

Of course, she will also have to help out with her own children, which means the poor girl will not get to go back to college as she had planned.

American's Tire of Barack's Campaign Lies

American's Tire of Barack's Campaign Lies

As Barack Obama begins his third month in office, American's are finally starting to see that his campaign was full of lies. Just this month he passed a bill with 9,000 ear marks valued in the billions in quite a hurry. He did not even read the bill, I am not sure if anyone did.

He promised during his campaign that he would not allow ear marks, of which he has benefited from in the past in Chicago. The hospital that his wife worked for was given millions of dollars in ear marks. Now that he is in office he is continuing the practice and he has now changed his mind and decided that they are "necessary".

American's are not going to stand for this. His popularity is dropping every day.

He also said that he would not pass bills quickly. He promised that bills would be available for at least 5 days on the internet before being passed. But of course he had to break this promise also because if he did not we would have found out what was in the bill.

American's are tired of Barack's lies, let's hold him to his promises.

How to Detail a Car

How to Detail a Car

I love it when my car is show room clean. I wish I could keep it this way all the time, but I don't want to pay someone else to do it, not in this economy.

COMPLETE WASH - Get a big bucket of hot water and clean soft rags. Wash your car one section at a time and then thoroughly rinse each section and then move on.

COMPLETELY DRY - Use a chamois cloth to dry your car. Dry it before it starts to dry on its own. Towels are not recommended because they will leave lint every where.

VACUUM OUT INSIDE - First remove any of your personal belongings that may have built up. Then vacuum everything, paying attention to details like the space inbetween the seats and the space between the seats and the console.

FIRST WINDOW CLEANER - Use window cleaner on all windows inside and out. Also, use on lights.

TIRES - I love my tires to be shiny. Buy a tire cleaner and apply with a dry cloth to the black tire that faces you. Do not apply to the treads. RIMS - Use a chrome cleaner on your rims to make them glow!

DASH, VINYL & LEATHER - Buy individualized products for the interior of your car. The results will be worth it. I always use a special leather cream to keep my leather looking good.

Don't pay hundreds of dollars to get your car detailed when you can detail a car yourself in your own driveway.

Harvesting Rain Water is Illegal in Colorado

Harvesting Rain Water is Illegal in Colorado

It is absolutely amazing to me that it is illegal to harvest rain water in Colorado. Harvesting rain water means putting out a barrel or other container to collect rain water during the rainy season and then use it later in the year when water is scarce.

This practice has been going on since the beginning of mankind. Collecting water and then using it when they need it. It is unconscionable that this practice is illegal. It is even more shocking to hear that other states are thinking about the same law.

Once again our government is trying to take over and not allow us to take care of ourselves. We need to stand up against this kind of practice now before the liberal get too out of control.

Don't let this happen to you, oppose any legislation in your state that makes harvesting rain water illegal.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Truth About Honey Bees

As you may know there has been something destroying our honey bees. This is happening worldwide and scientist now think that they know the virus that is causing the problem. Hopefully they will be able to correct the problem now that they now what is causing it.

Many people in the U.S. have been criticized when they had an infestation of bees and called the exterminators. Even the exterminators themselves have been criticized for destroying bees during this time when we have a shortage of bees. Because of these negative remarks I will set the record straight. Wild bees such as the ones that infest a home or business are not the same as farmed honey bees. Honey bee owners would not want nor would they take a hive of wild honey bees.

They would not want to mix the wild honey bees with their bees nor would they want to work with wild bees. So for everyone out there that has criticized an exterminator, why don't you find out the facts first.

Hopefully our honey bee populations will increase over time.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

How to Keep Oil Prices Low

How to Keep Oil Prices Low

We have seen some huge spikes and dips in oil prices this year. Enough to keep my head spinning. Overall, the semi low prices are here and we should all work together to keep them that way until new energy sources appear.

KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK - Americans have significantly reduced the amount of gas they consume and it has really paid off, literally. Oil prices have dropped because foreign oil companies have realized that Americans do have the will power to "just say no to gas". I noticed it creeping up again in recent weeks, so lets stay dedicated to keep those prices down.

RIDE YOUR BIKE - Good for you, good for the environment and good for gas prices.

MASS TRANSIT - May be it is better than you thought. Instead of driving your boring car, now you can ride and read or talk on the phone. It makes me feel taken care of when someone else is driving me around and it is good for the environment.

KEEP ELECTRICITY USE LOW - Many electrical companies are run on gasoline, so if you are using electricity, you are essentially using gasoline. Try to keep your electricity low by turning off television sets and radios when you are actually in another room. Open your shades instead of turning on too many lights.

Everyone needs to do their part to keep oil prices low.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Is Geico The Cheapest Auto Insurance Available?

Is Geico The Cheapest Auto Insurance Available?

Not necessarily because an auto insurance quote is based upon your individual driving record, the type of car you have and how many miles you drive it. It may also take into account the other members of your household, such as your spouse or teen driver.

Although Geico is very cheap, I have found that the best rates are group rates. If you are employed at a company that offers car insurance as part of their human resources package for employees then you are set. You will get excellent coverage for the best rate. Plus they may just take the amount out of your check each month, so your coverage will never lapse and there is one less bill to pay.

If you do not have group coverage then Geico may be your next best choice. If you look around, you may find other companies that are slighly cheaper than Geico, but you get what you pay for. With Geico you will receive a low price policy backed by a great company. Remember to always compare auto insurance rates.

When you are looking for an auto insurance quote, make sure you include Geico in your search.

Excellent Time To Get Online Auto Insurance Quotes

If you are looking for an online auto insurance quote or policy this is the time to do it. Car insurance rates are very low right now and you can get locked into a great policy.

The best place to look for auto insurance is with your employer. The group plans through companies is definitely the best deal you will be able to find. You should find out all of the details from your human resources department before you begin check rates with other companies.

There are many online resources for comparing auto insurance. Places such as esurance and progressive will give you rates from multiple companies. You may also want to check directly with geico, allstate and more.

If you already have insurance for your home, life or health, you may want to check with the companies that already insure you because sometimes they can offer you excellent discounts for holding multiple policies with them.

When you begin researching rates for your new auto insurance, don't forget to get multiple quotes based upon different deductibles and coverage. You may find that raising your deductible may give you a better monthly premium. Make sure you get the amount of coverage required by your state for auto insurance policies. Online auto insurance quotes are so fast and easy to get you have no reason not to get started today.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

13 Bodies Found in the Desert of Albuquerque

Cold cases are being reopened in Albuquerque, New Mexico this week as investigators found the bones of 13 bodies buried in the desert. It is very rare to find so many bodies buried in one place. Some of the cold cases are over 20 years old.
The remains of two victims have been identified, Gina Michelle Valdez and Victoria Chavez.
Our world is not as safe as we pretend it is each day. Even adults are at risk of being kidnapped and killed. Watch your children and do not go down dark alleys at night.
It is time we take control back of our world and put these sickos in jail.

Casey Anthony Trial Date Set

Casey Anthony Trial Date Set

Although Casey Anthony has been rightfully tried by the media and the public, she still deserves a trial under our system. Her trial date has been set to October 12, 2009.

The case does not look good for her. It looks even worse for her dead daughter. I still cannot wrap my head around the bits and pieces of facts that we have right now.

I just cannot fathom someone planning to kill a precious little girl such as Caylee. Why couldn't she just leave her with her parents? Did she have life insurance on her? I just do not get it.

It makes more sense to me that she killed her accidentally, but I do not know all the facts that the police know.

I also wonder why the grandparents did not grill Casey earlier about where Caylee was at. The little girl lived with them and they did not see her for 31 days. My mom does not even live with me, but if she did not see her grand children in 31 days, I can imagine what she would be saying to me.

I guess we will find out all of the details eventually. One thing I know for sure is that Casey Anthony will never admit to anything.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Couple Trys To Sell Cave Home On Ebay

Sleeper Family Cave Home near St. Louis, Missouri
Unusual Real Estate
The Sleeper family built their cave home on three acres of land in Festus, Missouri, near St. Louis in 2004. Although still not completed, they have their cool pad up for sale on ebay. The couple built the three bedroom home inside the cave once used for mining after they saw it on the internet. I think this really qualifies for an eco friendly title. This cave probably keeps the family naturally cool in the summer, but I do not know what the temperatures are like in winter.
I question why they are trying to sell it so quickly it looks like they have not even completed the renovations. I don't know if this is because of financial reasons or because living in a cave sucks. I guess the next owners will find out quick. And the rest of us will find out if they too try to sell quickly.

Eleven Year Old Planned Murder of Dad's Pregnant Girlfriend

Eleven Year Old Jordan Brown
Police now say that they found a blanket that they believe Jordan Brown used to cover the weapon when he shot his dad's girlfriend in the head as she slept. Kenzie Houk was killed instantly and later found by her four year old daughter to notified some near by tree trimmers that she thought her mother was dead.
Brown then jumped on the school bus with Houk's 7 year old daughter. Police believe that the use of the blanket to cover the gun, shows premeditation. Brown had just received the gun as a Christmas gift from his father who wanted to train him to be a hunter. Who gets their kid a gun for Christmas, gee thanks!

16 Year Olds Run Prostitution Ring In Phoenix

Jazmine Finley and Tatianna Tye
Two sixteen year old girls were arrested for allegedly running a prostitution ring in Phoenix, Arizona. They were prostitutes themselves and figured, why not get some of our friends involved. They actually trained their friends, found dates for them and collected money. At one point they even had their own apartment that they ran the prostitution ring out of.
Who rented an apartment to two 16 year olds. There must have been some adults involved some how. I am sure the johns must have been adults. I hope someone tracks them down. Well at least they were caught and this prostitution ring was put to an end.

Monday, February 23, 2009

American Express Paying Customers $300 To Cancel Accounts

American Express Credit Card Company has announced that they have offered a limited number of customers $300 to pay off their balances and close their accounts. The company says that in reviewing credit histories of certain customers they think that it is a better move than waiting for the customers to go belly up.

In light of the high number of people defaulting on their credit cards and home mortgages, American Express is probably doing the right thing. At least they are giving their customers an incentive to pay off their credit card debt, instead of their usually tactics of charging them higher interest rates until they break them.

Real Man Steps Forward to Be Octuplets Dad

Denis Beaudoin donated sperm 3 times to Octuplet Mother of 14.
Nadya Suleman denies Denis Beaudoin is the father.

Denis Beaudoin claims that Nadya Suleman lied to him and said she had cervical cancer to trick him into donated sperm for her. He is now requesting that the DNA of all 14 children be tested to see if he is the father. He says he wants to help Nadya with her 14 kids even if he is not the father. What a guy. He says that the other 6 children ages 2 to 7 years old look like him.
Nadya Suleman on the other hand denies he is the father. (There is more wrong with this girl than we originally thought.) Here she has a stand up guy coming along to help her and she denies him. Either way, she is the only mother that they have and I hope she does not stop this guy from helpping her and her children out. They need a father of some sort.

Beaudoin is divorced and has two children from his prior marriage. He says that he dated Suleman for 3 years.

FOUND! British Couple Lost At Sea 40 Days

The couple, Stuart Armstrong and Andrea Davison, stared death in the face after the rudder of their boat became stuck after just six days into a journey from Africa to Antigua. After 16 days they lost power.

At first they did not worry because they had notified both the British and American authorities and they had plenty of rations, but as time passed and their power went out, they could no longer convert sea water to drinking water. Both British and American authorities refused to help because of their remote location.

They just kept drifting helplessly towards the Caribbean (that was lucky). They were finally rescued after 40 days a drift in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Monday, February 16, 2009

U.S. News Now Investigates the Baby Mama

It has come to the attention of U.S. News Now that the baby mama of the newly born octuplets, Nadya Suleman, may be slightly off her rocker. As if that were news. Not only has this woman purposely had 14 children and deprived them of having a father, but she seems to have an Angelina Jolie complex.

In spite of all her deficiencies we still need to make sure these children are well taken care of. Plenty of volunteers will be needed around the clock for many years to come. These children will soon be members of our society and we want them to be productive.

Let us not go so far as to reward her for her troubles. Nadya Suleman should not be given large sums of money or reality tv shows. That will not help her children.

Donate time, diapers, clothing and formula to this deranged mother of 14.

If the father of these 14 children has any integrity at all he would come forward now to claim them and help raise them. U.S. News Now staff fears that these kids will be pretty screwed up if they do not have a father figure in their lives.

Octuplets Have Been Named

Finally we have learned the names of the new octuplets. Their names are: Josiah, Noah, Isaiah, Jonah, Jeremiah, McCai, Maliah, and Nariah. The mother, Nadya Suleman, claims that they are all bible names, but the founder of babynames.com, Jennifer Moss claims that three of the names are not biblical.

McCai, Maliah and Nariah are not from the bible. Maliah sounds presidential to me if you know what I mean. Obviously she named that one after the presidents daughter. McCai, means son of Cai, whoever that is. May be the father. Of course we may never know who the father is, along with the poor 14 kids who will never know their father. Doesn't she know how important it is to have a father for your children.

This women is obviously deranged, so everyone should help her out with these kids, because they will soon become members of our society. Do not give her money or a reality TV show, not after what she has done to these kids.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mother of Octuplets receive $165K in Disability Payments

As everyone has suspected she had to be on the dole some how. This single mother of now 14, has apparently no income and no father for her children. Needless to say she will need help with her healthy 8 new babies plus her other six children ages 2-7. Her parents are divorced and her father says that he will return to Iraq to work to support his daughter and her 14 kids. Her mother say that she will help as much as possible, which will probably be a lot since she lives with her in a small two bedroom house that she purchased for her daughter.

Nadya Suleman is currently working on getting reality tv show or some other financial deal. And I don't blame her. You know how many thousands of dollars it will cost just to diaper these babies.

She is getting a lot of negative press on the internet and rightly so, no one wants to encourage single women to have multiple babies just for financial again, which it appears she is doing. Although we do not know for sure.

Everyone is suspicious about how she convinced a doctor to put 8 embryos in her and who paid for the invitro fertilization? Not to mention the fact that she has no father for the kids. I guess she does not know how that hurts kids.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

WHAT! Is Michelle Obama Pregnant

Are the rumors true, could it be that Michelle Obama is pregnant? I sure hope not. The last thing we need is something else distracting us from what is important. And besides, isn't she just a little too old to have another baby. May be she wants a boy, I don't know. I hope this is just a rumor. It is because of the way she looks in some of her outfits or does someone actually have some inside information that this is a possibility.

Barack is just sneaky enough to think of such a plan. Get America to love me more by bringing a baby into the White House. Everyone will go crazy over a baby. It is a very smart idea, if he thought of it.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Single Mother of Octuplets plus Six Looks for Money

California single mother of 14 is trying to find a movie, reality tv show or book deal. She has hired an agent to represent her and claims that her first interview will cost the network $2,000,000. I guess no one told her that Oprah does not pay for such interviews. She also does not realize that being on Oprah would bring her a lot of publicity and eventually money, gifts, reality tv deals, etc.

The single mother lives in a home that was purchased by her parents and has only two bedrooms. When hard times hit her parents they moved in with her. Her father claims that he will move back to Iraq so that he can get a job and make enough to help out his daughter. He probably just wants to get out of town and away from 14 children under 7 years old.

And where is the biological father in all of this. It is rumored that he is just a donor. The same donor for all 14 kids. Either way, everyone in the medical community is wondering how a single woman was implanted with eight embryos. Not to mention the fact that she has no job and no father for the kids.

Her mother, the grandmother of the 14 kids says that her daughter just really loves kids. Well, I guess so! Another eight kids for our welfare system!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Famous Groundhog Sees His Shadow

It is official, the famous groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, has seen his shadow this morning in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. It is also my father's birthday. It is easy to remember his birthday because he reminds me of a groundhog. Phil's sighting means that we will officially have six more weeks of winter. Of course, we would have six more weeks anyway, but I guess the weather will continue. We cannot expect the spring weather for six more weeks.

More than 13,000 people came out this morning to watch Phil make his annual prediction.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Keep Gas Prices Low

I think we have shown the big oil companies that we mean business, no more high oil prices. However, in recent weeks the oil prices have started sneeking up again slowly. We need to keep up our resolve, keep driving less, keep using alternative transportation and keep riding our bikes. It is good for our health also.

Of course we need to keep working on alternative fuel sources. A hydrogen powered car sounds great to me, but I am not a scientist. It does not look like corn based ethanol will be the answer, it is very costly. Let's focus on something new. Now the corn industry is driving the price up because they are being subsidized by our government. It is old technology already and we are not going to use it. Stop the ethanol craze now.