Monday, March 23, 2009

How to Detail a Car

How to Detail a Car

I love it when my car is show room clean. I wish I could keep it this way all the time, but I don't want to pay someone else to do it, not in this economy.

COMPLETE WASH - Get a big bucket of hot water and clean soft rags. Wash your car one section at a time and then thoroughly rinse each section and then move on.

COMPLETELY DRY - Use a chamois cloth to dry your car. Dry it before it starts to dry on its own. Towels are not recommended because they will leave lint every where.

VACUUM OUT INSIDE - First remove any of your personal belongings that may have built up. Then vacuum everything, paying attention to details like the space inbetween the seats and the space between the seats and the console.

FIRST WINDOW CLEANER - Use window cleaner on all windows inside and out. Also, use on lights.

TIRES - I love my tires to be shiny. Buy a tire cleaner and apply with a dry cloth to the black tire that faces you. Do not apply to the treads. RIMS - Use a chrome cleaner on your rims to make them glow!

DASH, VINYL & LEATHER - Buy individualized products for the interior of your car. The results will be worth it. I always use a special leather cream to keep my leather looking good.

Don't pay hundreds of dollars to get your car detailed when you can detail a car yourself in your own driveway.

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