Monday, March 23, 2009

American's Tire of Barack's Campaign Lies

American's Tire of Barack's Campaign Lies

As Barack Obama begins his third month in office, American's are finally starting to see that his campaign was full of lies. Just this month he passed a bill with 9,000 ear marks valued in the billions in quite a hurry. He did not even read the bill, I am not sure if anyone did.

He promised during his campaign that he would not allow ear marks, of which he has benefited from in the past in Chicago. The hospital that his wife worked for was given millions of dollars in ear marks. Now that he is in office he is continuing the practice and he has now changed his mind and decided that they are "necessary".

American's are not going to stand for this. His popularity is dropping every day.

He also said that he would not pass bills quickly. He promised that bills would be available for at least 5 days on the internet before being passed. But of course he had to break this promise also because if he did not we would have found out what was in the bill.

American's are tired of Barack's lies, let's hold him to his promises.

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