Monday, March 23, 2009

Octomom Nadya Suleman May Not Be Able To Go Back To School

Nadya Suleman May Not Be Able To Go Back To School

Nadya Suleman has claimed from day one that she intended to go back to school and have friends and family take care of her fourteen children. She claimed that she needed to go back to school so that she could get a job to support her children.

Then Dr. Phil stepped in. He has helped Nadya to change her public image. She now has many more supporters including a group that will send 12 caretakers per shift to help Nadya with her children. Nadya is not exactly happy with having 12 people watching over her every move each day, but she really has no other choice. Also, she will need to be there doing her share. I am sure that this large group will leak out information to the press as to what goes on in the house. Nadya does not want to be under the microscope, no one does, but she must take the help or she could face losing her children.

Social services is already breathing down her neck. Although it is completely wrong for them to take these kids away, they will scrutinize her in every way they can. Thanks to Dr. Phil, Nadya now has a home to take her children too and a large group of people helping her.

Of course, she will also have to help out with her own children, which means the poor girl will not get to go back to college as she had planned.

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