Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Now The Truth Comes Out About Gloria Allread and Octumom

Now The Truth Comes Out About Gloria Allred and Octumom

Now we know why Nadya Suleman called the police on Gloria Allred and fired Angels in Waiting. Before Nadya had even agreed to have them come in their home in February, Gloria Allred had filed a complaint with the department of social services against Nadya Suleman. She had no basis for the complaint, she just wanted Nadya Suleman investigated to see if she was having problems. This kind of probing is not usually done by social services and I am sure that they ignored the complaint.

How awful of Gloria Allred to do such a thing. I cannot believe that Nadya Suleman agreed to have them in her home knowing that Gloria Allred did that and that Gloria represented Angels in Waiting.

Why does Gloria Allred need to be involved? Because she inserted herself. She does not need to be involved and if she had not been involved this would not have happened this way.

Go chase a different ambulance Gloria! You give attorneys a bad name.

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