Monday, March 23, 2009

Fourth Police Officer Dies in Oakland Shootout

Fourth Police Officer Dies in Oakland Shootout

This tragedy that could have been prevent, just seems to get worse. We now have word that the fourth police officer wounded in the Oakland shootout has died. The gunman was a parolee that should not have been paroled.

Being a police officer is tough enough but to be one in the city of Oakland, California is very difficult and dangerous. The crime rate is very high. There is a very high black population in the city. Many blacks claim that they have been abused by the police.

In neighboring cities where the crime rate is lower, the citizens do not claim abuse by the police. I am just stating the facts. People need to take responsibility for their actions. Parents need to parent their children, fathers need to be fathers and police need to do the right thing to keep our citizens safe. If these things were happening more often in Oakland, California the crime and violence would be less.

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