Monday, February 23, 2009

Real Man Steps Forward to Be Octuplets Dad

Denis Beaudoin donated sperm 3 times to Octuplet Mother of 14.
Nadya Suleman denies Denis Beaudoin is the father.

Denis Beaudoin claims that Nadya Suleman lied to him and said she had cervical cancer to trick him into donated sperm for her. He is now requesting that the DNA of all 14 children be tested to see if he is the father. He says he wants to help Nadya with her 14 kids even if he is not the father. What a guy. He says that the other 6 children ages 2 to 7 years old look like him.
Nadya Suleman on the other hand denies he is the father. (There is more wrong with this girl than we originally thought.) Here she has a stand up guy coming along to help her and she denies him. Either way, she is the only mother that they have and I hope she does not stop this guy from helpping her and her children out. They need a father of some sort.

Beaudoin is divorced and has two children from his prior marriage. He says that he dated Suleman for 3 years.

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