Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Prescription in California

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Prescription in California

In the state of California it is legal to buy, own and grow small amounts of marijauna for medical purposes. It is necessary to get a prescription before you buy, own, grow, smoke or eat medical marijuana. To get a prescription for medical marijuana in California you will need to visit a doctor, have a qualifying illness and ask for a prescription.

Make an appointment with a doctor in California. There are over 1,500 doctors in California that have prescribed medical marijuana.

Make sure that the doctor is a legal medical doctor for the state of California. There are doctors in every major city including San Francisco, Berkeley, Sacramento, Chico, Los Angeles and San Diego that have given prescriptions for medical marijuana to their patients since Prop. 215 made it legal in 1996.

The doctor does not give out samples of marijuana or sell it. They only provide the prescription so that it can be purchased legally. You will still need to purchase the marijuana or food such as brownies made of marijuana from a pharmacy that sells marijuana.
Remember that marijuana is still illegal under Federal law although it is legal in California to use it with a prescription.

Ask your doctor for a prescription for medical marijuana. Doctors may prescribe medical marijuana for conditions that are very painful or cause severe discomfort such as cancer and migraine headaches.

Visit a pharmacy that sells medical marijuana. Medical marijuana pharmacies will check the validity of your prescription just like a regular drug store or pharmacy would do.
Once your prescription has been verified you will be able to purchase seeds or plants for growing yourself, marijuana to smoke or food products that contain marijuana to eat.
You can grow up to twelve mature plants legally with your prescription.
You will only be able to purchase marijuana in small amounts. You will not want to have more than eight ounce

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