Sunday, April 11, 2010

How to Get Rid Of Ants Quickly

You can get rid of ants quickly by sealing up your home with natural products that you may already have around your home.

DRAINO - Use a product such as Draino or similar to Draino around the perimeter of your home as close to the base of your home as you possibly can. The ants will not cross the chemical barrier and you may be able to stop them just with this method.

DISH SOAP - Use the liquid dish soap in your kitchen to stop ants. Ants will not cross a line of dish soap. Dish soap is very mild and safe, yet very effective in getting rid of ants. Ants will not cross the dish soap line and eventually they will give up and not come back to the area.

ORANGE OIL SPRAY - Find a natural orange oil spray to use on the ants and ant hill if you can find it. Natural orange oil spray is another highly effective, yet natural product that you can use to keep ants away. Ants will avoid and abandon any area that is sprayed with a natural orange oil spray.

You can get rid of ants quickly by using any of these home remedies.

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