Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How to Pick California Mega Millions Lottery Numbers

Have you been wondering what numbers to pick for the California Mega Millions lottery. Numbers are chosen every Tuesday and Friday night, plan ahead to have your tickets purchased before the lottery numbers are drawn. Once you have your numbers chosen, you can by advance play tickets so that you are always prepared to win the lottery.

**Five Numbers**

Pick five numbers (plus a sixth mega number) to play the California Mega Millions lottery every Tuesday and Friday night.

It is best if you pick five numbers and then use those same five numbers each time. To find lucky numbers you may want to use numbers that are special to you such as your family members birth day, birth month or birth year.

The five numbers can be chosen from 1 to 56.

**Mega Number**

Choose the mega number (sixth number). The mega number can be chosen from 1 to 46. Make it a lucky one by using your lucky number or birth date. You can use your age, but since that changes every year, you would then be changing your lottery number every year.

**Quick Picks**

Select the quick pick option if you do not want to decide on your lottery numbers. When you fill in the bubble for quick pick, the computer selects numbers for you. The numbers will be different every time you select quick pick.

You can also select the bubble for five quick picks which will give you five sets of mega millions lottery numbers and it will cost you five dollars.

You can purchase lottery tickets at over 21,000 locations throughout California. Look for a sticker on the outside of the grocery store or convenience mart that has the California lottery logo.

Ask the clerk for help if you need any. It will cost $1.00 for every mega million set of numbers you choose.

Good luck!

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